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Servant-leaders are known to foster strong teamwork, high performance, greater financial profits, and meaning and fulfillment in life and work.

The benefits are substantial and proven consistently over time in major corporations like Southwest Airlines and TDIndustries. Becoming a better leader requires dedicated time and energy. This program quickens the learning curve through sharing of best practices, support from peers, and a series of dynamic, interactive group sessions with some of the most experienced facilitators of servant leadership.

The VSLLC® is designed to help you:

  1. Cultivate your strengths
  2. Work with tools and coaching practices to deal with challenges of integrating servant leadership philosophy with real-world work and living;
  3. Deepen your capacities for listening and accessing inner wisdom and courage;
  4. Experience the gifts of a highly supportive network of dedicated servant-leaders;
  5. Expand your practices in this meaningful way to lead, with greater authenticity and energy.

What You Can Count On:

Coaching through monthly phone calls that allow every person an opportunity to speak, to be deeply heard (something we often don’t receive), and to gain a variety of expert coaching throughout the six-month program.

Individual support to bring to your life and work what you’ve learned, to solve issues and enhance your use of your gifts/genius.

Ongoing conversations with a community of dedicated and great servant-leaders on a regular basis – learning how they’re bringing servant leadership into their work and lives, their best practices and experiences.

2018 Program


Phone calls are on Mondays at 3:30pm Central Time. Specific dates will be set in November preceding the January start.


3 to 4 hours of learning time per month, including the phone calls (90min).


The program fee is $850 for the program. A member of the TMCA team will contact you after you complete the form to make payment arrangements.


Our program is for everyone.

“Some of the unique benefits were the special and insightful group of diverse leaders who were peers in this experience. The sessions were well planned and the readings were very thought provoking and informative. I’ve done a lot of reading on servant leadership and found this very interesting advanced material to enrich my practical experiences as a leader. I really felt energized and encouraged by each session. It was like a breath of fresh air only more so!”

Ben Simmons

“Participating in the Servant Leadership Learning Community was a first for me. I have been in face-to-face groups in the past but now greatly appreciate the convenience of a virtual learning experience while not sacrificing effectiveness. The expert facilitation was a key factor and they were always prepared. I was touched by the insight and candor that each participant brought. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in a deep experience of sharing and mutual learning”

Mark Jones

Bookkeeper, Self Employed

“The sharing community gave me the courage to explore new and fresh approaches to leadership, which has been affirmed and well-received by my colleagues. Personally, I feel more focused, more satisfied, and more peaceful in my leadership calling because of this experience. It was priceless.”

Doris S. Leissing

“I truly doubt I’d have been able to move through the self-doubts, feelings of fear, or being immobilized [in my new business] were it not for the wisdom of this program. Most important, the quality of leadership provided by Deborah and Ginny surpassed my wildest expectations: the extent to which they were personally available to coach and support me, to respond to my personal emails, to encourage me in a thousand different ways… I will be forever grateful!”

Midge Miles

Narratice Consultant, The Storied Organization

Expert Facilitation

Deborah Welch

Deborah Welch, Ph.D. is a leadership coach and educator. She brings a wide array of tools and processes into her coaching work based on several decades of experience. She is also an award-winning faculty member at Capella University. Her experience teaching and guiding research at the doctorate level keeps her on the growing edge of great learning processes and practices. Her greatest joy is coaching for inspiring results in individuals, teams, communities and families. Deborah also co-created VSLLC® in 2008 along with Ann McGee-Cooper and Ginny Gilmore. This is a peer-coaching program of dedicated servant-leaders. Recently she co-wrote the book The Art of Coaching for Servant Leadership to capture coaching stories from our VSLLC® because there are so many stories of courage, best practices, and application of coaching principles from within our community. Deborah’s other most recent publications are “Strengths-Based Leadership Coaching” in Consulting Psychology Journal, and the book, Forgiveness at Work. Deborah is proud to have served as a leadership coach and in e-learning program development at TMCA for 8 years. She is happy to join with Ginny and Duane to co-facilitate this VSLLC® program. The dedicated people who join our Virtual Servant Leadership Learning Community®, as well as the local group Deborah co-facilitates, Phoenix SLLC®, regularly embolden her to take that next step on her own servant-leadership journey.

Virginia Gilmore

Virginia (Ginny) Gilmore served in executive leadership in her family manufacturing business for 17 years, until the business was sold in 1996. In 2002, she founded the Sophia Foundation in Fond du Lac, WI, with the vision of creating a more caring community. Since then, she has served as a community leader, coach, mentor, and spiritual guide in support of the integration of Servant Leadership in our lives and work. She intentionally lives the mission of Sophia Foundation as she encourages and inspires people to come together tocreate a more caring and thriving community, supporting the spirit, dignity and potential of every person. In 2009, Marian University gave Ginny a Doctor of Humane Letters Degree in honor of her work in Servant Leadership in community and the world. In addition, she has received recognitions within her community that name her deep passion for a caring and compassionate leadership in these times. Agreeing with Jean Houston, she believes that “these are the times; and we are the people.” Ginny appreciates being part of a teaching-learning community to serve and grow with others as servant-leaders in our individual lives, our families and our communities. She is dedicating much of her time now to writing, learning, and coaching with others who are navigating change in their work and in their lives. She is very honored and excited to serve on the VSLLC® facilitator team.

Duane Trammell

Duane Trammell, Founding Partner and President of Trammell McGee-Cooper and Associates, has been a writer, presenter, and thought-leader in the field of servant leadership since 1982. Duane’s first career was as a classroom teacher in a low-socioeconomic school, and he was awarded “Dallas Teacher of the Year” and named “One of Three Outstanding Teachers in Texas.” It was at this time that he met Dr. Ann McGee-Cooper and they created a company and became business partners for 33 years. Duane has taken a special interest in writing, researching, and developing materials in servant leadership. He has co-authored Being the Change: Profiles from Our Servant Leadership Learning Community, The Art of Coaching for Servant Leadership, Time Management for Unmanageable People, and You Don’t Have To Go Home from Work Exhausted! along with many articles. In addition to writing, Duane facilitates leadership development sessions and major project alignments. He recently received the Industry Excellence Award for Leadership Development on the building of the $1.3 billion New Parkland Hospital for Dallas County. Duane co-facilitated the Business VSLLC® group in 2010 and is excited to be a part of the VSLLC® instructional team again.

Trammell McGee-Cooper and Associates

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