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TMCA New Website Launch: 25 New Programs, 32 Free Article Downloads, and a Legacy Library in Memory of Ann

TMCA is PROUD to announce the launch of our NEW WEBSITE at AMCA.com.  Easy to navigate, more engaging with graphics, and featuring all our new Consulting Partners, services, and publications…our new website is all about choices.









On the home page, you have multiple choices for how to find information quickly: If you like drop down menus, they include Servant Leadership, Consulting & Services, Books & Resources, About Us, and Contact Us.

If you want to find a certain TMCA Partner bio or interesting new seminar, click either the  “PEOPLE or SERVICES” bar and it will take you to bios of all our remarkable Partners or our broad range of services, including 25 new half-day programs designed to be more interactive and fast-paced.

And, if you navigate best by pictures, there are eight buttons that are a quick jump to News, Programs, Clients, Spanish, Legacy, Resources,  HBDI®, or Best Test®.  The Ann McGee-Cooper Legacy Library is a on-going project.  As more funds are available through special gifts, more archived speeches and programs will be added…making this a living library of Ann’s special presentations.

Special project credit goes to our TMCA Partner Luis Duran-Aparicio for designing and creating our new website with a creative eye from our Coral Cottage Graphic Designer, Timm Chamberlain.

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