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Ann McGee-Cooper Legacy Library

Ann McGee-Cooper Legacy Library

Whether writing business best sellers, extolling the virtues of servant leadership, coaching business executives, teaching teachers, or tap dancing to cheering audiences, Ann McGee-Cooper’s lively and loving spirit endeared her to the hearts of thousands all over the world.

The TMCA team and benefactors want to ensure that Ann’s memory and teaching inspiration lives on for generations to come, so we have created the Ann McGee-Cooper Legacy Library.  As gifts are made, we will continue to translate selected vintage and more recent recordings and videos making these downloads available at no cost.  These archives can be used for both research and inspiration.

You can be a part of keeping Ann’s legacy alive by making contributions to TMCA for The Ann McGee-Cooper Legacy Library.

Checks can be made payable to Ann McGee-Cooper and Associates, Inc. in care of Trammell McGee-Cooper and Associates, 1200 Main Street, Suite 2506, Dallas, Texas, 75202.  Credit cards are accepted by phone at 214 357-8550.  Contributions are not tax deductible.  A card will be sent to Ann’s family acknowledging your generous contribution in support of her legacy.

Please call Carol Haddock at 214 357 8550 for additional information.

Video Library

In addition to Ann’s memorial service and Nic Askew’s Soul Biography of Ann, in this section there are video clips from various presentations and interviews between the years 2000 and 2016.

The video footage of Ann has been edited into brief clips and organized by topic so that they may be used in workshops or other types of research.

We know you will be inspired by Ann’s engaging style and message.

Audio Library

Most of these were originally produced as cassettes of Ann’s classic presentations between the years of 1982 through 1994.  We are excited to share these again now digitally available to listen to on-line or download.  Many of these recordings contain timeless messages and you can relive the magic as Ann shares directly with you as you listen.  Also included is one of the interviews Ann did with Robert Greenleaf while he was living at Crosslands Retirement Center in Pennsylvania.

We are grateful that our Consulting Partner|Cool Friend, Don Frick, who served as studio producer for most of Ann’s original recordings has partnered with us to reformat these for a new media and new audience. 

Print Library

This section contains media interviews, articles, and fun photos from Ann’s extraordinary career. 

EAP Library

Included in this section are photos and articles from the internationally recognized Experimental Arts Program Ann founded at Southern Methodist University which served not only at-risk children, but also prepared teachers for careers in the arts.  Many students became celebrated artists, actors, and musicians.  The photos on this site were scanned and organized by one of her former students, Mary Hayes and her son, Stephen Hayes.

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