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Happy Clients

This is what our clients are saying

“TMCA’s influence on our organization was a critical element in our being recognized as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work for In America.”

Jack Lowe

Board Chair, TDIndustries

“TMCA focuses creatively and intentionally on a small number of Clients to ensure servant leadership ‘takes.’  A breadth of our team leaders say ‘this is the best thing we’ve done.'”

John Montgomery

Founder, Chairman, and CIO, Bridgeway Capital Management

“In the building of the $125 million One Arts Plaza, the TMCA team brought together the owner, architects, and general contractor and beautifully facilitated all our different styles, merged them into one, and helped us reach our vision.”

Lucy Billingsley

Partner, The Billingsley Company

“TMCA has been the innovators and driving force behind the Dallas Servant Leadership Learning Community®, growing it from a few individuals to 18 North Texas organizations.”

Matt Kosec

COO, Celebration Restaurant

“Trammell McGee-Cooper and Associates live and breathe the servant leadership philosophy. Our Leaders are passionate about taking care of our Company, and they understand that the best way to do this is to serve others. TMCA has become a partner in learning for many of our Employees through the Dallas Servant Leadership Learning Community® they lead and our SWA leaders attend.”

Colleen Barrett

President Emeritus, Southwest Airlines

“TMCA helps executives build extraordinary teams based on coaching others through servant leadership, and it has worked for me with many teams, in many different environments. They show us how to overcome our fears and use our strengths to succeed.”

Helen Burt

Senior VP, Corporate Affairs, PG&E Corporation

“TMCA helped us keep the faith, build trusting relationships, and search for the best answers for how to get this 1.326 billion dollar hospital built.”

Kathy Harper

Former VP Clinical Coordination, New Parkland Campus, PHHS

“I have worked with TMCA for over 10 years on several major projects bringing architects, owners, and contractors together to create a Shared Vision and Covenant that became the foundation of project success.”

Walt Massey

Founding Partner, Covalus

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