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TMCA is a family dedicated to grow servant leadership internationally.

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Duane Trammell

President | Learning Events Imagineer

Duane loves living in downtown Dallas, collecting art, writing, presenting, and cocktails with friends.

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Luis F Duran-Aparicio

Presenter | Shaman | Technology Whiz

Luis likes big cities, beaches, free markets and meditation. He enjoys biking and reading.

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Carol Haddock

Calendar Genius | Financial Recordkeeper

Carol is our “Mary Poppins” from Yeovil, England and enjoys spending time with friends and family… and it always involves food!

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Timm Chamberlain

Design Guru | Keeper of The Brand

Timm enjoys entertaining, DIY projects, and experimenting in the kitchen.

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Consulting Partners | Cool Friends

TMCA is creating a network of specialists dedicated to growing servant leadership internationally

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Mike Blevins

Culture Specialist Large Corporations | Knower Of All Things Nuclear

Mike loves time with family, National Parks with his wife Susan, photography along the way, a growing spiritual journey and a good problem to solve.

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Deborah Welch

Virtual Learning Specialist | Executive Coach


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John Viard

Culture Specialist Large Corporations |                     Our SWA “Go-To” Guy

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Ginny Gilmore

Spirit Carrier Of Elder Wisdom

Ginny loves living in places of beauty and warm weather, navigating and supporting others in their spiritual journeys, writing, and the Green Bay Packers

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Shaunna Black

Manufacturing, Process, Problem-Solving Virtuosa

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Isabel Lopez

Provocative Weaver Of Tales And Texts | Generative Listener

Isabel loves friends, family, her garden, her rock collection, and people who can make her laugh and learn while she shares her offerings of food.

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Matt Kosec

Organizational Development Specialist

Matt loves doing just about anything with his beautiful wife and family, but traveling and eating out are his favorites. He also enjoys reminding the TMCA Team that bald is beautiful!

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Don Frick

Story-Telling Greenleaf Geek

Don loves antique radios, organic gardens, reading and writing books, traveling, presenting, and deep conversations.

(Background picture painted by Esther Greenleaf)

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Dale Walling

Culture and Organizational Development Specialist

Dale enjoys fishing, woodworking, watching major league baseball, visiting the National Parks, and spending quality time with his six grandchildren.

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Jan Vos

Virtual Learning Specialist

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