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Executive Coaching

Growing Personal Effectiveness

We have both an inner journey and an outer journey of how we live our lives and perform our jobs.

Much attention is paid to the outer journey of what we produce, how we contribute, what is expected of us.  The outer journey is what we are graded on.  But what fuels our passion, teaches us tenacity, builds trust, inspires us with innovative ideas, and the ability to hear our intuition is the work we do on the inner journey.

What comprises the inner journey?


Listening to our heart


Having the courage to explore our shadows (anything we do not see in ourselves that can be limiting to us)


Replacing negative self-talk


Having deeper conversations with our soul to find what is yearning, needs ttention, and wants to be listened to


Being kind and gentle in recognizing our shortcomings while acknowledging the importance of excellence in our work

This kind of work requires dedicated time each day to simply “be” with ourselves and reflect.  It helps to have a learning partner, or “coach” to support us in seeing things that we may not be able to see ourselves.

Traditional executive coaching follows a great process that can help advance areas of our lives that need improvement.  In our book, The Art of Coaching for Servant Leadership, we enhance this traditional approach by adding the personal learning process and daring to look at the inner journey.

We also use traditional elements in performance improvement coaching including:

The person being coached owns the process, creates goals, receives feedback from their supervisor, and is supported by the TMCA coach.  The process is viewed as expanding the leader’s skills and value rather than “fixing” someone who is flawed.  By protecting self-esteem, the leader is in a much better position to grow.

The person being coach may opt to select a panel of people to provide feedback on their behavior, interpersonal relationships, or performance.

Working with the coach, the person creates a Strengths/Opportunities profile and they develop a growth plan.

As progress (in both performance and team relationships) is made and sustained, the coach backs out of the process.

All members of the coaching process improve their dialogue skills and self-awareness.

TMCA offers coaching services to anyone desiring personal growth.  For deeper issues requiring counseling services, we make referrals to trusted colleagues who are psychologists and licensed professional counselors.  

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