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What our Clients say

“Our audience members are not only sophisticated business owners, but professional communicators.  They’re a tough audience and Ann set them on their ears.  Without a doubt, she was the hit of our conference.” —Gwinavere Johnston, Public Relations Society of America

“Ann McGee-Cooper teaches us that ‘work and drudgery’ are not synonymous. She shows how a job can be a source of fellowship, zest, pride, fun, and individual expression. If we follow her precepts, we will return home refreshed, not jaded, and inspired rather than debilitated, at the end of our ‘fun day,’ not our ‘work day.’ We will also collectively be a more productive, competitive, and healthy society. I believe in what she says.” —Herb Kelleher, Founder and Chairman Emeritus

“Ann’s influence on our organization was a critical element in our being recognized as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in America.” —Jack Lowe, Chairman and CEO, TDIndustries

“What Ann does so beautifully is facilitate all our difference styles to merge together as we create and struggle to reach our visions. The art in Ann’s involvement is the permanence of the change that results.” —Lucy Billingsley, President, The Billingsley Company

“Ann McGee-Cooper delivered real Return On Investment. It is always a risk to hire a speaker/consultant to work with your group. Will they deliver more than just charisma? Will our business be a dollar more profitable as a result of spending the time and money on their involvement? Ann hit a home run in the ROI category. She changed the entire dialogue at our conference. People got their learning needs met through Ann’s work. It made me look like a hero.” —Elliott Masie, President, The Masie Center

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