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Ann McGee-Cooper

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As a keynote speaker, Dr. Ann McGee-Cooper is a unique and refreshing synthesis of apparent opposites – style and substance, entertainment and information.

Ann is a leader in the field of servant leadership, the author of four successful books on creativity, personal energy, time management, and servant leadership, and she is highly respected for her work on researching genius. Her diverse background includes over 35 years as a consultant to corporate and civic leaders and government.

Her presentations have been known to draw standing-room only crowds. Ann’s message appeals to every level of organizations. Presentations can be designed for a keynote of one hour or less, or an entire day-long workshop.

Ann’s creative, energetic and engaging delivery of information equals instant program success for any organization. Call 214.357.8550 to discuss your program needs and request a fee schedule.

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You Don't Have to Go Home From Work Exhausted!YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO HOME FROM WORK EXHAUSTED!

From over 20 years of research and studying Southwest Airlines up close, we model and teach unique strategies to make and keep the work place fun and filled with contagious energy.

Key Benefits
  • Designing a high-energy workspace.
  • Developing strategies to renew and build personal energy.
  • Discovering and replacing misleading energy myths.
  • Learning to use brain dominance to leverage optimum energy.
  • Building Kid Spirit into your work style, problem-solving and life.


Time Management for Unmanageable PeopleTIME MANAGEMENT FOR UNMANAGEABLE PEOPLE

Traditional time management was invented by left-brained people for left-brain people. But these linear, abstract processes sabotage those of us who are right brained, visual, and spatial. With fast change, much of what served us well in the past is becoming obsolete. Learn to rethink the ways you invest your time and how your brain dominance impacts this.

Key Benefits
  • Significant new levels of creativity.
  • More whole-brained strategies to support fast change.
  • Moving beyond linear time to discover refreshing and productive new hours.
  • Learn whole-brained tools to engage much more memory and motivation.
  • Team time strategies: taming new technology.


Being the ChangeEnough about philosophy…how do you DO servant leadership?

It was a simple idea. Get a diverse group of local organizations practicing servant leadership together and learn from one another’s journeys. Seven years ago, Trammell McGee-Cooper & Associates, Inc. invited 9 Dallas organizations to form a learning community to share the successes and challenges of creating servant-led organizations.

  • How you can design a servant leadership learning group in your community.
  • How you can create a lasting partnership with other organizations.
  • How you can apply servant leadership to create results in tough work places like police departments.
  • How you can avoid rollouts and use a tipping point strategy to create a servant-led culture for thousands of employees.
  • How servant leadership can prevail even when disgruntled employees attempt to oust a leader.