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Partnering alignment

Large, complex business projects depend on aligning a wide variety of talent to form a high-trust, high-performance team. Just getting the right talent isn’t enough to insure success. Partnering Alignments create the context for success among specialists and technical experts often coming together for the first time. This diverse talent comes from diverse work cultures, with a very high likelihood of miscommunication, internal silos, and competing agendas.

We bring the key players together to build trust, learn how to collaborate effectively, anticipate and prevent potential problems, and create a strategy for productivity through high performance teaming. The take away is a shared vision and mutual covenant defining how the team will achieve its vision.

Our unique Partnering Alignment process is also highly effective at resolving conflicts between smaller groups of leaders who lack synergy and need help building trust and working though differences.

Read a case study on high performance teaming at One Arts Plaza

Partnering Alignment Objectives

  • Co-create a compelling vision capturing mutual goals and aspirations.  Support that vision with shared goals, aspirations, and a shared covenant… how do we each promise to trust, respect, collaborate, and resolve differences?
  • Promote teamwork, learn more about one another, and grow mutual trust to increase performance by lowering costs and improving schedule.
  • Learn to achieve synergy as one team, building strength through the different team talents identified by the HBDI® (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument)
  • Significantly improve communication skills and learn successful ways to resolve conflict.
  • Practice dialogue skills to learn to listen at a deeper level and thinking holistically about how all the different disciplines/work tasks of the project affect one another.
  • Identify and resolve key project challenges, improving the capacity for creative solutions.
  • Think strategically about future issues impacting the project and learn to proactively create “third right answers.”

Recent Partnering Alignments Include

  • Teaming Executive, Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, Glen Rose, TX
  • One Arts Plaza – Dallas, TX
  • Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino – Santa Fe, NM
  • UT Southwestern – Dallas, TX
  • Gateway Church – Southlake, TX
  • Parkland Hospital Project Delivery Team (Building the new $1.2 billion hospital)– Dallas, TX