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Intermediate series

This series includes 48 hours of classroom instruction and six hours of individual coaching.

Example topics

  • Servant Leadership & Exploring Shadows
    In the first study of HBDI®, participants focus on the unique talents and preferences each has in the four quadrants.  But there are also some negative qualities that can emerge when our strengths are overplayed.  In this session, participants explore the “shadow” side of strengths and develop individual and team strategies for staying on the positive zone by coaching one another.
  • Servant Leadership & Innovation
    Participants explore tools for opening thinking to new approaches.  In addition, the role of servant-leader as either “maverick” or “champion” is defined in how one supports the creative process.
  • Servant Leadership & Awakening Genius
    Most agree that unleashing the talents and abilities of others is a key skill of great servant-leaders.  But can you do that if you don’t understand your own genius?  In this session, participants explore the concept of “genius” and are given tools to identify and begin growing their giftedness.
  • Servant Leadership & Systems Thinking
    As servant-leaders, it is essential to understand how to deal effectively with complexity of organizational challenges.  In this session, participants learn how to diagnose organizational problems using systems casual loops, and then find personal points of entry to positively address the challenges.  It is a fascinating technique that encourages each of us to ask the question, “How am I contributing to the problem that I don’t want?”
  • Servant Leadership & Advanced Teamwork in Preparing for Crisis
    With economic volatility, surprising resignations, tragedies, and projects that can turn south unexpectedly, servant-leaders need a skill set for dealing with the unforeseen.  Through a powerful, gripping story of an airliner crash, participants learn lessons in proactive planning, communication, problem-solving, and teamwork.
  • Servant Leadership & Groupthink
    In today’s complex environment, it is easy for the most cohesive, well-prepared teams to sometimes make decisions that turn out to be monumental errors.  In this session, participants will learn from the Challenger disaster ways to avoid the pitfalls of Groupthink and respect minority viewpoints that can seem insignificant in the moment.
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