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Fundamental series

This series includes 48 hours of classroom instruction and six hours of individual coaching.

Example topics

  • Servant Leadership & the HBDI® (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument): Balancing Perspectives for Increased Performance
    Participants learn the behaviors of servant-leaders and through using the HBDI®, they learn how to team most effectively for organizational success.
  • Servant Leadership & Collaboration: Surpassing Goals though INTERdependence
    Participants learn a model of INTERdependent behaviors, and apply these skills to practical business tasks like communication and business development.
  • Servant Leadership & Coaching for Better Performance
    Leaders learn that providing clear instructions, providing the right resources, and establishing two-way feedback leads to award-winning performance.
  • Servant Leadership & Mental Models: Creating a Winning Business Strategy
    Leaders learn to identify mental models operating within the organization and determine if they have outlived their usefulness. Participants then explore new paradigms that will strategically position the organization for success in the future.
  • Servant Leadership & Conflict Resolution: Moving to Effective Collaborative Action
    Leaders learn five ways to move to action when disagreements are bogging down decisions and daily work. Creating “Third Right Answers” leads to greater productivity.
  • Servant Leadership & Performing at Peak Capacity
    When leaders are exhausted they make poor decisions, can’t prioritize, and infect others with negative attitudes. By learning about burnout and how to prevent it, leaders can lead more effectively, inspiring others, and perform at peak capacity.
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