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Executive coaching

Growing and Enhancing Personal and Team Effectiveness

Often companies have supervisors, managers, or leaders who have highly valued technical expertise yet lack the people skills to work effectively with others.  We offer one-with-one executive coaching that includes a 360 process.

Our process is unique in several ways.

  • The leader being coached owns the process, creates goals, with feedback from their supervisor, and is supported by the TMCA coach.  The process is viewed as expanding the leader’s skills and value rather than “fixing” someone who is flawed.  By protecting self esteem, the leader is in a much better position to grow.
  • The leader selects a panel of coaches with input from his or her supervisor.
  • The panel of 3-8 colleagues, Clients, and direct reports provide safe feedback to an AMCA coach who helps them learn skills for real-time, respectful, honest feedback.  Patterns are identified and communication, listening, delegating, decision making, and emotional intelligence skills are taught.
  • The candidate creates a Strengths/Opportunities profile with the coach and from this, he/she develops a growth plan.
  • As the panel confirms significant progress (in both performance and team relationships) and learns to celebrate wins and explore setbacks openly, the coach can back out of the process.  Benefits include all members of the process improving their dialogue skills and self-awareness.

“What am I doing or not doing that is feeding (or contributing to) the problem I don’t want?”