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Culture transformation

TMCA specializes in growing cultures based on a foundation of mutual trust and servant leadership.

For 35 years we have partnered with TDIndustries (inducted into Fortune magazine’s Best Companies to Work for Hall of Fame) and with Southwest Airlines as a member of their Culture Committee since its inception in 1990.  Ann and team have extensive knowledge and experience of what it takes to grow and sustain a successful culture.

Culture change isn’t a quick fix.  TMCA partners with Clients that are dedicated to long-term growth.  We co-create a winning culture utilizing our Clients strengths, the TMCA team’s expertise, and our other partner organizations’ proven strategies.  The initial step is extensive culture and leadership development, dialogue skills, and individual coaching with senior leaders.  As the culture evolves, skills are provided to all leaders throughout the organization and finally an introduction to servant leadership class is created to spread the culture to each Employee.  Once enough opinion leaders at all levels begin to lead with a servants heart, the culture reaches a tipping point, and the new culture begins to flourish and significantly improve business results.