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TMCA’s network and learning community

We take a unique and highly collaborative approach to Client development. TMCA has collaborated with an extensive network of successful organizations, and we creatively draw on this network as a learning community in service of all Clients. We find ways to use strengths of award-winning Clients to meet the needs of new Clients which significantly compresses the time it takes to mature the leadership skills and emotional intelligence across an organization. Benchmarking visits, inviting in Clients as co-presenters, and sharing of best practices are all ways that we draw on this network to accelerate the growth of innovation and aggressive performance improvement with all Clients.

An innovation that has evolved from our network is the Dallas Servant Leadership Learning Community®(SLLC®); a diverse network of 11 area organizations devoted to improving business performance through implementing servant leadership and the five disciplines of growing a learning community. Member organizations share challenges and brainstorm solutions as they commit to long-term investment in the journey of servant leadership.