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Extraordinary Lives, Leaders, Teams, Service and Results

Trammell McGee-Cooper and Associates, Inc. is an organizational consulting firm specializing in servant leadership.  Our vision is to inspire others through our servant leadership to claim bold dreams through whole-brain balance.  Together we co- create Extraordinary Lives, Leaders, Teams, Service, and Results.  TMCA is a Dallas based company that provides Leadership Development Programs (LDP), culture transformation, executive coaching, project (partnering) alignments, HBDI services, and curriculum development.

Our philosophy is what differentiates us from other consultants.  Each Client* relationship is a long-term partnership that benefits from TMCA’s unique servant leadership and creative problem-solving expertise, our extensive corporate and non-profit network of award-winning organizations, and knowledge/resources of the Client.  Curricula for each Client are personalized and unique.  We begin by listening intently to specific business and culture challenges of the organization, co-create a strategy to meet these goals, and determine criteria to measure success.



* We have taken a “Best Practice” from our Partners at Southwest Airlines of capitalizing Employees, Customers, and Clients to show respect.