Reflections from Dallas SLLC

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Kimberly Palmer, Supervisor, Collin County CSCD   To date, I have attended 12 different servant leadership sessions and each time I enter into the leadership development expecting to come away with something meaningful.  The leadership development at Southwest Airlines on June 12, 2013 was yet another training that led me further down the road to… Read more »

Andrea Tristan, AMCA Partner, Earns Masters in Counseling!

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  We are celebrating a significant milestone in the career of AMCA Partner, Andrea Tristan. On Friday she walked across the stage at University of North Texas to be awarded her Master’s of Education Degree in Counseling. Andrea has been actively practicing counseling for the past few years, specializing in work with teens & young adults…. Read more »

Staying the Course

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By Duane Trammell, M.Ed. Do you remember the first time you bought a brand new car? When you took it home from the dealership it had that new car smell, everything was shiny and super clean. You made promises to yourself that you wouldn’t eat fast food in it and that you would take it… Read more »

Highlights from the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership Annual International Conference

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By Gloria Bailey I had the honor to attend the “Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership Annual International Conference” in Indianapolis, IN, last week.  I want to share some of my many highlights of the conference: In one of the sessions I attended, we learned about collaboration (individuals working together for a common goal).  The self-inventory… Read more »

Learning is for Everyone (even the boss!)

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  Anyone who has worked within an organization knows that it is often difficult to set aside time to attend training, and when time is available, it is often gobbled up by technical or certification-required type training.  However, organizations that intentionally set aside time to learn about critical topics like servant leadership or growing organizational… Read more »

Can Servant Leadership Make a Sustainable Difference in Successful Teaming in the Construction Industry?

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The story below is told by Buzz Bruner, Senior V-P of Betchel Corporation who was loaned to TXU responsible for engineering, construction and startup of a multi-year, multi-billion dollar project completion of the two units at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant.  Buzz was highly respected as a fair and inspiring servant-leader whose teams performed at… Read more »

The Wisdom of Servant Leadership by Isabel Lopez

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A book review by Duane Trammell The other night, my partner and I had Chinese food delivered.  Like a little kid, I always look forward to opening my fortune cookie after the final bite of moo shu chicken.  When I opened my cookie, it read: “In the cookies of life, friends are the chocolate chips.” … Read more »

Culture Committee Report – The Magic of Assuming Goodwill

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By Matt Kosec Perhaps one of the greatest gifts I have ever received was an invitation to serve as a Customer-Member of the often storied and celebrated Southwest Airlines Companywide Culture Committee.  A word of caution to the multitudes of fiercely loyal Southwest Customers:  Please do not get excited and attempt to send an application… Read more »

TDIndustries – Houston Powerful Classes on Servant Leadership – Levels One and Three

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  We always look forward to teaching servant leadership classes and enjoyed two highly productive days with TD Partners in Houston.  Last Tuesday we taught the Introduction to Servant Leadership using Accelerated Learning strategies.   Randee Herrin served as Senior Sponsor, and Debbie Stephens as Class Sponsor, sharing stories from the workplace to reinforce new skills of servant leadership… Read more »

Welcoming Spirit Environmental, LLC as a Legacy Partner with AMCA!

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      Co-owners Jess McAngus, Brad Herrin, and the Leadership Team of Spirit Environmental, LLC have joined with AMCA to establish and grow a culture based on Servant Leadership.  The day included creation of a Vision and Covenant which will guide this gifted team of professionals and serve as the foundation to become respected… Read more »