The High Cost Of Negative Humor

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  Negative humor in the workplace is also known as workplace bullying. This is a very insightful piece on how this practice really hurts individuals, relationships, and enterprises. You may have enjoyed a good laugh at similar jokes created at the expense of certain groups. It usually feels good to chuckle and feel “in on”… Read more »

Borderless Learning–Breaking Down Barriers to Learn Servant Leadership.

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We have lots to celebrate! Two weeks ago we had another home run in San Antonio with one of our Legacy Clients, TDIndustries. It was the third time we taught the Introduction to Servant Leadership in Spanish and it was received in a spectacular fashion by all 18 Partners. The participants were engaged and connected… Read more »

The Parkland Project

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Since the beginning of our work teaching servant leadership a question we are frequently asked is, “Do you have clear evidence that servant leadership produces significant business results?”  And from the beginning it has been clear to us that with each Client served, whether it was an individual leader or a whole team, they improved… Read more »

Speaking to GREATNESS, Nurturing GENIUS!

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  By Ann McGee-Cooper Each of us has many gifts that we enjoy yet take for granted.  I have spent a lot of time reflecting on the voices and mentors who helped me see my gifts and have the courage to live into them. I was fortunate to be introduced to Robert K. Greenleaf in 1980… Read more »

Jeff Ebner, Lead Plumber, CTBU-TDIndustries, tells a powerful story which illustrates servant leadership.

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Jeff Ebner, Lead Plumber, Central Texas Business Unit of TDIndustries, who served as a Class Sponsor for one of our servant leadership classes, tells a powerful story which illustrates this key trait of servant-leaders: “…the servant views any problem in the world as in here, inside oneself, not out there.  and if a flaw in… Read more »

Proudly Announcing a New Adjunct Partner, John Viard, And New Alliance with Southwest Airlines!

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We are very pleased and proud to announce that John Viard, Senior Manager of People – HR Business Partners, at Southwest Airlines, has joined our team in a new working alliance with the company. John is not a stranger to AMCA, and has served as Senior Sponsor inside our Servant Leadership Learning Community (SLLC) for… Read more »