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Servant Leadership and Team Project Simulation

One of the best ways to understand servant leadership is to experience it or practice it. Work seems to get more complicated when there are deadlines, time pressures, and expectations of high quality and results. It is during these times that we tend to revert to non-servant leadership behaviors. This module looks at how we interact with one another in the midst of accomplishing work. (Approx. 51 min.)


  • To apply servant leadership skills to a team project which has materials, time, and people limitations.
  • To provide an opportunity to practice engaging and integrating the gifts of all team members.
  • To debrief the process and learn where servant leadership becomes a challenge “in the heat of battle.”

The Facilitator will need to provide the following for this module:

  • Materials to write on (board or flip chart).
  • Participant booklets.
  • The following supplies for each group of six people: a stack of newspaper (1 inch thick), a roll of masking tape, and four balloons.
  • One thick telephone book.