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Skills & Processes

Can servant leadership be taught or does it just occur naturally in some people? While there are a few natural servant-leaders, most of us must do some unlearning and work purposely to acquire the skills and attitude to serve. We believe that there are specific servant leadership competencies that must be learned and practiced, just as there are skills in accounting, law, or engineering. Through the years, we have created activities to underscore the qualities of a servant-leader. In this collection, you will find modules that will give those studying servant leadership a way to experience and practice listening skills, grow team intelligence, simulate work project challenges, and tell stories. Through taking part in and debriefing these activities, participants can gain an understanding of the behaviors needed to acquire skills of a servant-leader.

Modules are available in Learning Notebooks sold as a set.

Notebook Modules
Skills & Processes Servant Leadership and Listening
Servant Leadership and Stories
Servant Leadership and Team Project Simulation
Servant Leadership and Team Intelligence
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