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Servant Leadership and Hurry Sickness

In the constant demand for increasing speed, growth, and productivity, one could easily believe that there is no time to slow down and grow trust, people, and teamwork. Yet, with no end in sight around increasing expectations, is there any other viable way to succeed in this business and cultural climate without falling victim to fear, burnout and despair? In this module, we examine the dysfunction of hurry sickness, explore how it can be at odds with servant leadership, and address how a servant-leader can responsibly address the constant need for speed. (Approx. 75-115 min.)


  • To define hurry sickness, a current dysfunction that is epidemic today, and raise awareness of classic symptoms.
  • To learn several potential alternatives to hurry sickness.

The Facilitator will need to provide the following for this module:

  • Materials to write on (board or flip chart).
  • Copies of the Participant Handout.