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Servant Leadership and Teaming Relationships

Have you ever been on a project or in a job where someone said, “it’s not my fault, nobody told me”? Or have you ever made the statement, “I’d rather do it myself and make sure it gets done right”? Teams go through a maturing process just as children do growing up. This module looks at how servant-leaders can provide maturity of leadership to teams. (Approx. 60 min.)


  • To understand the link between servant leadership and INTERdependent teaming behaviors.
  • To know how to apply INTERdependence/collaboration to daily business activities.
  • To assess how many servant-leader behaviors are a part of my leadership and which behaviors I need to improve.

The Facilitator will need to provide the following for this module:

  • Materials to write on (board or flip chart).
  • Participant booklets.