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Servant Leadership: Robert Greenleaf’s Work & Writings

Servant leadership: Robert Greenleaf's work and writingsRobert K. Greenleaf, in contemporary times, is considered the originator of servant leadership in business and academic circles. This module looks at his works and writings. (Approx. 55 min.)


  • Know about Robert K. Greenleaf and the contemporary origins of servant leadership.
  • Be able to contrast the leadership traits of non-servants vs. servant-leaders.
  • Assess your own servant leadership abilities.

The Facilitator will need to provide the following for this module:

  • Materials to write on (board or flip chart).
  • Two videos – “Patton” and “Dead Poets Society.”
  • Copies of Servant as Leader, by Robert K. Greenleaf, and Journey to the East, by Herman Hesse.