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Learning NotebookIn this series of modules, you will learn the “What?” “Who?” “Why?” and “How?” of servant leadership. For those who wonder whether servant leadership is a fad, a passing fancy, you will hear from the man who coined the term for business practices, Robert K. Greenleaf. As a forerunner in the practice of servant leadership in business, Greenleaf wrote with a profound depth of thinking and lived his life with that same thoughtfulness. You will be encouraged to consider your life as a “calling,” a notion previously limited to those in “religious” vocations. And you will be challenged to grow beyond the typical dependent/independent model of relating into INTERdependence.

Modules are available in Learning Notebooks sold as a set. Each Learning Notebook includes four modules.

Notebooks Modules Included
Foundations Defining Servant Leadership
Servant Leadership – Robert Greenleaf’s work and writings
Servant Leadership & Calling
Servant Leadership and Teaming Relationships
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