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Being The Change

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About The Book


Enough about philosophy…how do you DO servant leadership?

It was a simple idea. Get a diverse group of local organizations practicing servant leadership together and learn from each another’s journeys. In 2001, Ann McGee-Cooper & Associates, Inc. invited 9 Dallas organizations to form a learning community and share the successes and challenges of creating servant-led organizations.


In this book you will find inspiring snapshots of servant-leaders in ACTION and learn:

  • How you can design a servant leadership learning group in your community.
  • How you can create a lasting partnership with other organizations.
  • How you can apply servant leadership to create results in tough work places like police departments.
  • How you can avoid rollouts and use a tipping point strategy to create a servant-led culture for thousands of employees.
  • How servant leadership can prevail even when disgruntled employees attempt to oust a leader.
And as an added bonus, step with us behind the scenes of Southwest Airlines for an inside peek at the innovative Culture Committee, led by President Emeritus, Colleen Barrett. You will learn seven elements of her servant leadership that can be used immediately to strengthen your organization.

Beint The Change: Profiles From Our Servant Leadership Learning Community can be purchased from TMCA for $9.95 by contacting Carol Haddock at 214-357-8550 or carol@amca.com

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