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Our expertise

Servant Leadership

Learning the huge change that happens when we lead by listening first, by example, by creating shared goals, by putting others first, and by growing a foundation of mutual trust. Learn more about our work in servant leadership.

Creative Problem Solving & Innovation

The fine art of turning problems into opportunities and balancing left-brained incremental innovation with right-brained paradigm shifts. Both are critical to achieve aggressive continuous improvement.

Expanding Individual and Team Genius

Most of us have been conditioned to fit into the culture and be like those around us expect us to be (extrinsic motivation). When we do this exclusively, our inner spirit withers. For the past four decades with mentors including Robert K. Greenleaf and Margaret Mead, we have learned to help each person awaken unique personal genius, balance alignment with others with our intrinsic values and goals, live in FLOW (an extraordinary level of performance that is both focused and relaxed), and create team relationships that generate collective genius. See our resource, Journal for Awakening Personal and Team Genius.

Growing Collective Intelligence Through Dialogue and Systems Thinking

There are five disciplines (written about by Peter Senge in The Fifth Discipline) which transform a group of individuals into a consistently high performing team who learns to make their differences work for, not against them.

Life/Work Balance

Learning to create your life as a work of art. We teach three strategies to enjoy a synergy between meaningful work and renewing personal fun.

  • How brain dominance impacts our energy
  • The potential energy traps that lure us into burnout
  • Strategies to maintain healthy balance, the importance of remembering the renewing way we played as children, and keeping something fun to look forward to in every day, week, and month.

Culture Transformation

Based on servant leadership and leading with whole-brained balance we teach a process of culture transformation that changes work from “just a job” to engaging hearts and minds to accomplish meaningful goals together.

Change Management

Learning to deal with the increasing speed and complexity of change both strategically and emotionally.

Sustainability & Triple Top Line Accounting

The positive impact to morale when leaders shift from measuring success primarily by financial profits to also measuring impact on people (Employees, families, Customers, community) and the planet. There is a predictable bounce from a traditional “bottom line” mentality to a far more engaged Employee ownership with engaged hearts and minds when business leaders begin to do what is right for environmental well being. Preserving and protecting the health of the planet awakens deep Employee and Customer loyalty and it strengthens the overall health of the business.