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Duane Trammell

Duane Trammell – founding Partner, President, and COO – has been collaborating with Ann since 1982. He manages the operations and finances of the company.

He earned a BA from Dallas Baptist University and an M.Ed in Gifted Education and Supervision. Other post Master’s studies included coursework with international thought leaders such as Dr. Edward DeBono in Lateral Thinking, Dr. Jean Houston in Expanding Human Potential, and Dr. Tony Buzan in Mindmapping and SuperLearning.

Duane’s early connection with Ann was with the Dallas Independent School District where he was awarded “Dallas Teacher of the Year” and named “One of Three Outstanding Teachers in Texas.”

Duane has taken a special interest in writing, researching, and developing materials in servant leadership. He has co-authored Time Management for Unmanageable People, You Don’t Have To Go Home from Work Exhausted!, and Being the Change: Profiles from Our Servant Leadership Learning Community. Trammell led our team in the development of 14 modules designed with an interactive approach to teaching servant leadership. These modules are now being used internationally.

In 1996, he partnered with TDIndustries in developing a new curriculum for the TMCA servant leadership classes that was later used in the TDIndustries Innovative Whole-Brained Learning Environment for Servant Leaderhsip, including materials translated into Spanish

One of his favorite TMCA, Inc. publications is Awakening Your Sleeping Genius: A Journaling Approach to Personal Growth and Servant Leadership. Trammell participated in Ann McGee-Cooper’s early research on “genius/giftedness” and combined it with Robert Greenleaf’s concepts on servant leadership to produce the journal.

Duane’s expertise in leadership also expands into the community. For five years, he directed a Leadership Institute which placed over 150 volunteers into the Dallas community in collaborations such has health fairs, environmental clean ups, and food/clothing drives for the needy.

As a business trainer and seminar facilitator, Duane’s specialty is implementing creative ideas and translating theory into practical business applications. As Channel 4 reporter Doug Fox put it, “He’s one of the best in the business.”

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