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Carol Haddock

Carol Haddock, Director of Billing and Office Operations has been working with TMCA, Inc. since 1995.  As Ann’s primary Executive Assistant, Carol is involved in all aspects of TMCA’s business.  Carol plays a key role in operations, assisting with financial tasks, contracts, billing, scheduling, and general office management.

Carol’s professional experience prior to joining TMCA included owning her own company of make-ready for new construction.  Her outgoing personality and endless energy create the perfect combination for her work with Client relations.  She is the Project Manager for our work with Southwest Airlines and has been a member of the Culture Committee for over four years.

As a true servant-leader, Carol’s influence also expands into the community where she devotes time to teens in her church, feeding the hungry, participating in clothing drives, and helping them to raise money for camp and mission trips.

Carol’s wonderful British accent reveals a love for her homeland in Yeovil, Somerset, England.  Her three girls, Melanie, Samantha, and Danita along with two grandchildren, Sydney and Johnny make for busy and exciting weekends!

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