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Meet our team


Ann McGee-Cooper

Dr. Ann McGee-Cooper, Chairman and CEO, has been called a visionary and a catalyst for the transformation of American business.
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Duane Trammell

Duane Trammell – founding Partner, President, and COO – has been collaborating with Ann since 1982.
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Luis Fernando Durán-Aparicio

Luis Fernando Durán-Aparicio serves as Director of Client Services and also presents classes in Spanish for TMCA, Inc.
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Carol Haddock

Carol Haddock

Carol Haddock, Director of Billing and Office Operations has been working with TMCA, Inc. since 1995.
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Jan Vos

Jan Vos is partnering with AMCA, Inc. on technology supported leadership development, with an aggressive and inspiring vision.
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Deborah Welch

Deborah Welch, Ph.D. serves Ann McGee-Cooper Associates in Corporate and Community E-Learning and Leadership Coaching.
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Tara - Photo

Tara Mibus

Tara Mibus, Director of Client Services, brings over a decade of experience in Client account management, as well as talents in copy editing and writing.
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Mike Blevins

Mike Blevins, the Adjunct Partner for Senior Executive Coaching and Development, has been a student, practitioner, and advocate of servant leadership for over 20 years.
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kosecMatt Kosec

Matthew Kosec enthusiastically serves as an Adjunct Partner with Trammell McGee-Cooper and Associates, Inc.
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John Viard

John Viard is the Senior Manager of People – HR Business Partners, at Southwest Airlines and also serves as an Adjunct Partner with TMCA.

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