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What you are about to witness is a never-before released interview from the mid 80’s when our lovely Ann was being mentored by Robert K Greenleaf, the founder of modern-day Servant Leadership movement.

We divided the 70-minute interview into 10 easy-to-digest segments and we will be publishing one every week.


In this segment, Ann asks Greenleaf, “Is there anything you have learned from your spiritual life that has helped in your exploration of servant leadership?” Bob explains the role of the Clerk in the Quaker tradition—to listen to many points of view and then reflect a resolution to the problem in the best language that serves everyone that all can accept. This skill of being able to deeply listen, withdraw your own personal perspective, and find the resolving language is the skill of which consensus happens. “It is sheer invention. The first idea may not be acceptable. So you keep re-presenting until there is one that is acceptable. It is a creative process that makes consensus work.


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