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What you are about to witness is a never-before released interview from the mid 80’s when our lovely Ann was being mentored by Robert K Greenleaf, the founder of modern-day Servant Leadership movement.

We divided the 70-minute interview into 10 easy-to-digest segments and we will be publishing one every week.


In this seventh segment, Ann asks Greenleaf to speak about his ideas about trust. Greenleaf shares the idea that “he believes we took a step backward when the book publishers put the phrase “servant leadership on the titling and topics of his books. He wanted to used the idea, “The Servant as Leader” as his first essay was called. The difference? It is the job of the leaders to become servants of the people. We can get further in organizations by focusing on the behavior of the leaders and converting leaders to servants. Greenleaf makes the point that your organization probably won’t be a servant-led organization. But individuals, at any level can choose to create an island of serving in a non-serving organization.

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