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What you are about to witness is a never-before released interview from the mid 80’s when our lovely Ann was being mentored by Robert K Greenleaf, the founder of modern-day Servant Leadership movement.

We divided the 70-minute interview into 10 easy-to-digest segments and we will be publishing one every week.


In this audio clip, Ann asks Greenleaf about an unbalanced perception that “the organization owes me a job,” but “I don’t owe the organization.” Greenleaf shares that our large scale ways of educating people like schools and churches sometimes don’t adequately prepare people for the world that is really there…many times an unjust society. Greenleaf confesses he wasn’t really prepared and that he was lucky he maintained a job while many others were laid off as he reflects on the Great Depression. He calls himself “lucky” and that because of this, he isn’t qualified to answer this.


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