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Many of you know that Ann has been on a journey with brain cancer since it was diagnosed November 2015. After surgery and Cyberknife radiation, she has been healing and working to recover her thinking processes for the past four months. At first, simple tasks were a challenge. And it was difficult to access memory or write anything other than signing her name. In the past month, she has made remarkable progress and memories are returning, and her writing ability is coming back. We are celebrating these wonderfully positive signs. With this context, your heart will sing when you read her words and what she has been able to accomplish with thoughts on time management.


IMG_0453_cropped“We all have too much to do in too little time! Yet the clock is merciless and doesn’t slow down for us. Helping our kids with homework; making quality time for our Partners, Friends and Family; and still finding time for our own needs is a constant challenge.

Working out is often time when we wake up to what’s missing in our lives. When is there time just for fun and just to enjoy?

I love to garden, and I can turn an afternoon or morning gardening into more work if I’m not careful. At the same time, I really enjoy my work, and I can forget to stop for lunch or to adjourn for the day when we are right in the middle of generating creative ideas.

Making time to appreciate all we get done and how cool it is to get to work together is more than fun. One person’s ideas generate innovation from other’s on the team, and creating new opportunities gives us all something fun to look forward to.

So let’s have some fun innovating and generating new options. I find myself coming up with new ideas even as I am taking that long walk or counting the revolutions in the gym.

Then, following up on the new ideas can be just as stimulating as generating the ideas.

I think of my work Partners as playmates. And they are amazingly creative!”