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CollageOn April 26, TMCA had the privilege of celebrating the retirement of one of our long-time Clients and valued friends, Bob Hughes, Director of Collin County Community Supervision & Corrections Department. Bob has partnered with TMCA for the past seven years in developing and maintaining Servant Leadership at CSCD.

We were able to share the celebration with many current and former CSCD Employees who, over the years, have become friends, fellow teachers, and encouragers as we travel the Servant Leadership road together. Duane shared the impact that Bob has made not just at CSCD, but within the global Servant Leadership community as an example what can be accomplished in difficult environments. Bob’s legacy includes a confidence in his team’s ability to take their organization to even greater heights of service to each other and the community in the future.

Duane left the team with a few simple but fundamental reminders to support their momentum during this change: remember to help each other at every opportunity, celebrate successes and stand beside each other during the tough times, and keep focused on the vision to bring hope to those suffering perhaps the most difficult moments of their lives.

We wish Bob, his wife, Sara, and their young son, Will, a successful and fulfilling future as they move to the West Coast and into another chapter of their life. They continue to hold a special place in the hearts and history of TMCA!