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We know that many of you have been concerned about Ann’s progress since her brain surgery and radiation in early January.Ann update

She has had a tough time of it and the radiation took a heavier toll than we had anticipated.  She has been recuperating and focusing entirely on her healing.  She is in good spirits and Carol has been a wonderful office manager and caregiver, helping her negotiate all the medical appointments related to her recovery.  The outlook continues to be hopeful.  No new cancer was shown on the last MRI, and the doctors have been pleased with her response to the different treatments. It will just take some time to heal.   I had a recent conversation with Ann and told her many friends were asking about her and asked if there was anything she would like to tell her friends and Clients.  These are Ann’s own words she hand wrote on a pad…


Duane: Where are you on your journey with brain cancer right now?  How do you feel?  What do you think about?


Ann:  I am doing fine.  I have good energy.  This is teaching me a lot.


Duane: What are your days like?  How do you spend your time?  What do you do each day?


Ann:  Reading.  I am integrating my time with Medical City and also reading and focusing on getting well.  Larry and Carol are both helping me balance and get well.  My appetite is strong and I am enjoying ALL KINDS of food!!  I am reflecting on the future work and eager to help others move into future work.


Duane: What would you like for your friends and family to know about your life right now?


Ann: I am looking forward to the future.  There is a lot ahead for all of us to accomplish.  I am eager to be a part of it.


Ann’s spirit and resolve are amazing.  She is an inspiration as she continues to overcome challenges and always looks toward the future.  Thank you for the prayers and support for her recovery.  She enjoys visitors on the days she is not in medical treatment.  Please call Carol and you can arrange a time if you would like to spend a few minutes with her catching up.