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On Friday evening, December 4, 2015, about 38 of our Dallas Clients, family, and friends toasted the 30th Anniversary of AMCA, Inc. and the inauguration of TMCA, Inc. or Trammell McGee-Cooper and Associates, Inc. Co-Founder Ann McGee-Cooper states, “Duane Trammell has been a full Partner in our business venture for 30 years.  We are proud to give recognition to his service in our name change.”


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Duane began a friendship with Ann as a graduate student in 1978 and officially started working part-time with Ann in 1982. In 1984, Duane joined Ann in a business venture, and in 1985, the company was incorporated as Ann McGee-Cooper and Associates, Inc. Duane served first as Managing Partner, then Vice President of Operations in 2001. With the transition in 2015, Duane is now President and COO of TMCA, Inc. Serving with Duane on the TMCA, Inc. team is:


Carol Haddock, Director of Billing and Office Operations

Luis Duran-Aparicio, Director of Client Services, Technology, Classes in Spanish

Tara Mibus, Director of Client Services, Editor

Ann McGee-Cooper, Co-Founder and Co-Presenter

Deborah Welch, Consulting Partner Director of Virtual Servant Leadership Learning Community®

Mike Blevins, Consulting Partner Senior Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

John Viard, Consulting Partner Servant Leadership Specialist and Coach (Senior Manager of People, Southwest Airlines)

Matt Kosec, Consulting Partner Servant Leadership Specialist and Coach (COO Celebration Restaurant)


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Duane says, “Our plans are to continue the legacy of AMCA by building on the rich history of servant leadership and the stellar network of colleagues we have partnered with in outstanding organizations. In 2016 expect to see an expanding network of Consulting Partners and Advisors with announcements to come. We will also continue to expand the TMCA sponsored Dallas Servant Leadership Learning Community® and offer support to Deborah Welch in the launching of the Phoenix Servant Leadership Learning Community. TMCA will continue to publish servant leadership articles, books, and online resources.”