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ACSL Book Cover - third size

The Art of Coaching for Servant Leadership

Just like the parents of a new-born bundle of love, Ann McGee-Cooper, Deborah Welch, and Duane Trammell are elated to welcome into the world a new book, The Art of Coaching for Servant Leadership. A writing project that has been in the making for four years, The Art of Coaching for Servant Leadership was written for people who want to grow and help others reach more of their potential.

The three authors have been recognized for their work in servant leadership, coaching, and teaching. They have creatively written a book in dialogue form, inviting many professionals into the conversation about how a servant leadership approach to coaching will activate people’s gifts and strengths. They use stories to make connections, share lessons, and navigate through difficult experiences.

One helpful take-away from the book is the “Coaching with a Servant’s Heart” model. It describes what servant leadership coaching IS and IS NOT through interrelated areas of the inner work of a coach, the foundation of trust through relationships, and mutual learning through partners.

In addition to author stories, there are twelve contributors who share their experiences from having participated in servant leadership coaching. They offer their own personal insights about how growing as a servant-leader can be a liberating experience resulting in engagement, energy, meaning at work, and enhanced capacities.

The 140 page book offers deep insight for those wanting to take the “next step” with understanding the inner journey of servant leadership and bringing out the best in others.

The Art of Coaching for Servant Leadership is available on Amazon.com. Stay tuned for the e-book, coming soon!