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Mike1Today we want to show you this wonderful article on ACCOUNTABILITY written by our adjunct Partner Mike Blevins.

I admire Mike a lot. He has such a way with words and he’s able to talk about difficult subjects with such ease that makes it really enjoyable to learn. This is an excerpt from the above mentioned blog:

We Can’t Hold Others Accountable

I just used the phrase, “hold them accountable.” I actually don’t believe we can do this. Organizations cannot hold someone accountable. They either are or they are not accountable. What we usually mean when we say, “We held them accountable” is that we disciplined them. We delivered consequences to them. You know, all the usual stuff; coaching, counseling, written warnings, time off without pay or fired them. Or even worse yet, we may have made them the scapegoat and professionally embarrassed them in front of their peers, including doing the root cause and teaching the lessons learned class. This is a losing course of action.

In Daniels1 model (see the second article of this series), nearly everyone, including leadership gets something they don’t want and you will probably never see that exact set of circumstances again because everyone is running to their corners. This scenario destroys trust and the Just Culture.”


If you want to enjoy the article in its entirety, click HERE.


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