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Never-Before Released! Ann McGee-Cooper Talks With Robert K Greenleaf

What you are about to witness is a never-before released interview from the mid 80’s when our lovely Ann was being mentored by Robert K Greenleaf, the founder of modern-day Servant Leadership movement.   We divided the 70-minute interview into 10 easy-to-digest segments and we will be publishing one every week. The first segment is… Read more »


“We have used a number of coaches, facilitators, and consultants through many years at Bridgeway. Sadly, too many have been considered ‘the flavor of the month,’ a fad without staying power. Ann McGee-Cooper and Associates partners with us, focusing creatively and intentionally on a small number of clients to ensure servant leadership really ‘takes.’ I've never before experienced the breadth of team leaders saying ‘this is the best thing we've done.’ From helping create a powerful tool chest of communication tools to individual executive and team member coaching to specific problem-solving, AMCA has already added significant target in the first year.”

John Montgomery
Founder, Chairman, and CIO
Bridgeway Capital Management