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If You Have To Hold People Accountable…

  Today we want to show you this wonderful article on ACCOUNTABILITY written by our adjunct Partner Mike Blevins. I admire Mike a lot. He has such a way with words and he’s able to talk about difficult subjects with such ease that makes it really enjoyable to learn. This is an excerpt from the above… Read more »


“Ann McGee-Cooper and Associates are a perfect 'fit' for our organization because they live and breathe the Servant-Leadership philosophy. The concept of Servant-Leadership is not new to Southwest Airlines. Our Leaders are passionate about taking care of our Company, and they understand that the best way to do this is to serve others. Ann McGee-Cooper and Associates have become a partner in learning for many of our Employees through the motivational and uplifting presentations they make to our Culture Committee members.”
Colleen Barrett
President and COO
Southwest Airlines