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Developing Talent and Teams to Achieve Bold Dreams through the Art of Leadership

Cultures of Servant Leadership positively impact individual and team productivity, job satisfaction, turnover rate, innovation, trust, peer and supervisor relationships, stress and burnout.

Trammell McGee-Cooper and Associates, Inc.

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is a leadership and talent development firm based in Dallas, Texas. With three decades of experience, we are creating organizations where people are happier, committed, and more productive. How? It’s about attracting, finding, inspiring, liberating, and appreciating the Genius that lives within each of us.

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Finding the Genius

is about developing the hidden talent within your organization. Developing it requires inspiration, listening, reflecting, transferring opportunity, connecting people, and rolling up your shirt sleeves working alongside others.  We believe the best way to achieve this is through SERVANT LEADERSHIP.

Over 100 separate scholarly studies prove that cultures of servant leadership positively impact an organization’s innovation, trust, engagement, relationships, job satisfaction, productivity, individual and team performance, lower stress and burnout, and lower turnover rates.  Let TMCA help transform your culture. 

TMCA believes in the power of servant leadership and has been a leader in the field since Robert Greenleaf’s pivotal essay first appeared in 1970. Since that time, we have been presenting seminars, speaking at conferences, and writing books exploring both the inner journey of preparation and the outer journey of influencing others by serving.


Virtual Servant Leadership Community | Enrolling Now!

TMCA and the Sophia Foundation are excited to announce that the enrollment period for the 2018 Virtual Servant Leadership Learning Community® has begun! The VSLLC® is one of my favorite developmental programs that we offer. Many times...
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Words Made Flesh | Stories From TDIndustries

Ginny Gilmore, as founder of the Center for Spirituality and Leadership, and the Sophia Foundation, interviewed leaders from across the country.  This video clip is from one she did with Ann McGee-Cooper and Jack Lowe.  In it, they explore  the spirit...
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Matt and Guerin Kosec on Legacy

Our Friend Matt Kosec, from Celebration Restaurant, shares with us: The notion of interdependence could not have better expressed than in an excerpt from a 2013 email Ann sent me: “Would you ponder our relationship and see what comes up for you?  I will do the...
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Time Management: Making Time Work for You and What’s Important for You

  Many of you know that Ann has been on a journey with brain cancer since it was diagnosed November 2015. After surgery and Cyberknife radiation, she has been healing and working to recover her thinking processes for the past four months. At first, simple tasks...
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Farewell But Not Goodbye

  On April 26, TMCA had the privilege of celebrating the retirement of one of our long-time Clients and valued friends, Bob Hughes, Director of Collin County Community Supervision & Corrections Department. Bob has partnered with TMCA for the past seven years...
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Supercharging Your Team with HBDI®

You have likely taken a personality test (or two) at some point in your career—whether the Myers-Briggs, Caliper Profile, StrengthsFinder, or one of the myriad others—especially if you are in top level management. At TMCA, we use the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument...
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An Update from Ann…

We know that many of you have been concerned about Ann’s progress since her brain surgery and radiation in early January. She has had a tough time of it and the radiation took a heavier toll than we had anticipated.  She has been recuperating and focusing entirely on...
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Threads of Servant Leadership: Pixar

When I ran across an interview on innovation in the McKinsey Quarterly with Pixar’s director Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Ratatouille), my interest was immediately piqued. In today’s fast-changing business environment, it’s innovate or become obsolete, and Pixar’s...
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2016: Ushering in Trammell McGee-Cooper and Associates, Inc.

  On Friday evening, December 4, 2015, about 38 of our Dallas Clients, family, and friends toasted the 30th Anniversary of AMCA, Inc. and the inauguration of TMCA, Inc. or Trammell McGee-Cooper and Associates, Inc. Co-Founder Ann McGee-Cooper states, “Duane...
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Announcing the Arrival of a New Book!

  The Art of Coaching for Servant Leadership Just like the parents of a new-born bundle of love, Ann McGee-Cooper, Deborah Welch, and Duane Trammell are elated to welcome into the world a new book, The Art of Coaching for Servant Leadership. A writing project...
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Trammell McGee-Cooper and Associates

Developing Talent and Teams to Achieve Bold Dreams through the Art of Leadership.

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