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Intent versus Perception: Skills to Prevent Miscommunication

By Ann McGee-Cooper   Cup your hand and hold it up so you can see it clearly. Is it convex or concave? You can quickly see that it is both depending on your frame of reference. Now can you imagine two very small people, one standing inside your cupped palm and one standing on the… Read more »


"Ann McGee-Cooper teaches us that 'work' and 'drudgery' are not synonymous. She shows how a job can be a source of fellowship, zest, pride, fun, and individual expression. If we follow her precepts, we will return home refreshed, not jaded, and inspired rather than debilitated, at the end of our 'fun day,' not our 'work day.' We will also collectively be a more productive, competitive, and healthy society. I believe in what she says."
Herb Kelleher
Founder and Chairman Emeritus
Southwest Airlines