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Intent versus Perception: Skills to Prevent Miscommunication

By Ann McGee-Cooper   Cup your hand and hold it up so you can see it clearly. Is it convex or concave? You can quickly see that it is both depending on your frame of reference. Now can you imagine two very small people, one standing inside your cupped palm and one standing on the… Read more »


“We have used a number of coaches, facilitators, and consultants through many years at Bridgeway. Sadly, too many have been considered ‘the flavor of the month,’ a fad without staying power. Ann McGee-Cooper and Associates partners with us, focusing creatively and intentionally on a small number of clients to ensure servant leadership really ‘takes.’ I've never before experienced the breadth of team leaders saying ‘this is the best thing we've done.’ From helping create a powerful tool chest of communication tools to individual executive and team member coaching to specific problem-solving, AMCA has already added significant target in the first year.”

John Montgomery
Founder, Chairman, and CIO
Bridgeway Capital Management